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Upon your arrival to the apartments and rooms of “Vila Irma”, alongside with a very kind staff and a most delightful view, we offer You the opportunity for an ideal vacation, enjoying the mild Mediterranean climate and a pleasant stay in our area.


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Opatija, the elegant tourist destination is the center of a Riviera with the longest tourism tradition in Croatia. It is located in the Kvarner bay, at the foot of mount Učka, approximately 15 kilometers from Rijeka, the third largest Croatian town. As the center of the Riviera, it is surrounded with numerous small towns and locales, which are connected from Volosko to Lovran with a 12 kilometer coastal walkway known as the Lungomare. Opatija has always been among the first tourist centers in Croatia. The main charms of Opatija are its natural beauties and an enviable century-long tourism tradition. A big advantage is also the proximity to the heart of Europe, from where Opatija is easily available throughout the whole year as one of the closest sea bathing areas and climatic treatment centers.


The central park of Opatija is a horticultural monument spanning 9 acres. It is divided into 60 fields and around 150 plant species have been planted in it. A great number of those species derives from faraway places and are not typical for this climate. In historical documents we find information about the emergence of the park in the period from 1845 until 1860, in the surrounding area of Villa Angiolina, owned then by Iginio Scarpa, a big nature admirer. In that area there are many plants that have been moved from Japan, China, South America, Australia and other parts of the World. Among many interesting plants, the park is home to the Japan Camellia (Camellia japonica), which has, in the time since become a recognizable symbol of Opatija. The larger part of the park has a romantic concept with decorated object such as the Swiss house, the Music pavilion and the Wooden emperor’s house.


Lido beach is located in close proximity to “Angiolina” park in the town of Opatija. The beach is mostly made from concrete and is located bellow the main road. It is equipped with a volleyball court, pedal-boats, umbrellas and easy-chairs for rent, and you can enjoy night-swimming. Relax and enjoy the beautiful sun and sea, and if you have a craving for some shade, find your spot under the gorgeous pine wood branches at the back of the beach.

They’ve grown together, joined by an unbreakable bond, on one side Opatija with its secession facades, monuments and camellias, and on the other side Slatina beach – a kaleidoscope of polychromatic towels, a flower garden of beach umbrellas of vivid colors, a mixed choir of laughter and babbling. It is love at any sight – be it that of the Kvarner bay, the cheerful game in the shallow parts of the sea or through the desktop of a laptop, through which – via an internet connection at a reasonable price – you look into the whole World. Slatina is the largest beach in Opatija and one of the focal points of all the happenings in the town. With the clean seawater, an arranged sunbathing area with easy-chairs, beach umbrellas and showers, Slatina offers much more. You will never forget the days spent on Slatina. You will remember them as the days when you have been a part of summer, a part of the Sun and sea, happy as if your whole body could feel the pulsating rhythm of the multicolored heart of Opatija.

Tomaševac beach is located in close proximity to the “Ambasador” hotel in Opatija. The beach is mostly sandy and concrete and it is located by the coastal walkway. Instead of walking on the road where it is often crowded, you can go for a walk on the famous Lungomare walkway by the sea, with a beautifully paved path that stretches from Opatija to Ičići and Lovran. You can walk the whole way by the sea. It is very beautiful. The available services and contents on the beach are: showers, beach umbrella renting, easy-chair renting, food and drinks, the blue flag denoting the highest standard of the beach, various sports activities and pedal-boat renting. Characteristics of the beach: sandy, concrete, family-friendly, suited for disabled people and children.

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